Online Pilates

All our Online Pilates classes are live and not pre-recorded. This means you have a dedicated instructor guiding you through your session in real-time as if they were with you in person.

online pilates classes

Our Live Online Pilates classes are a great option for those outside our mobile service areas as it removes the geographical barrier between client and instructor so that you can maintain your regular Pilates routine wherever you are.

how does it work

Your instructor will be joining you via live video link and coaching you through your tailor-made session at your own pace using verbal cues. The value of having an experienced eye on your movements is what sets Live Online Pilates apart from generic pre-recorded classes as you will receive instant feedback during your session which will ultimately result in improved form and greater body awareness.

what do you need?

online pilates exercise mat
Exercise Mat

An exercise mat about 1.5 cm thick is ideal as many Pilates exercises involve rolling on your spine.

online pilates wifi

A strong, stable internet connection is required to ensure a good quality session.

online pilates devices
Smart Device

You may connect from any device, however a laptop is recommended for the best experience.

online pilates zoom icon

Download Zoom to your computer or from your mobile device’s app store prior to your first session. 

get started!

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online Class Setup

Online Pilates Exercise Attire

Wear comfortable, slim-fitting clothing so your instructor can more clearly see your alignment and easily make corrections to your movement. Tip: Avoid wearing the same colour clothing as your mat.

online pilates light

Choose a quiet, well-lit space so that your instructor can see you well and you can hear their cues well. You can also use wireless ear-pods if you have them to enhance your experience.

online pilates meeting link

Click on the meeting link in your appointment confirmation email at least five minutes prior to the start of your session. Download the Zoom app if you have not done so prior to the session.

online pilates device setup

Elevate and place your device in landscape position about 1 to 2 metres away in order to capture your entire mat from the side.