I have been a qualified Pilates instructor in both mat and equipment since 2015. I have 2 accreditations through BASI (2016) and Body Control Pilates (2018). I am passionate about movement and enjoy working with people.

My passion for movement started when I became an archery coach. I enjoyed helping people move their bodies towards better positional form to shoot a bow more effectively, however, after coaching for a couple of years I noticed quite a lot of people had a problem with getting their upper bodies into a position that represents good posture. From this point, I wanted to learn a form of movement to help people feel more comfortable in their bodies with their daily activities while indirectly improving an archer’s ability to shoot a bow. Pilates was the one and only!

I now enjoy working with people who have an everyday body type with the intention of improving their posture. I do this by improving the spine’s ability to move which increases the shoulder’s ability to move and also decreases neck and shoulder pain. This then helps the everyday person feel better and more confident in their everyday lives.

Charni serves the following areas:
Johannesburg Central
Randburg Central